The Audit Process: How It Works

encheck_picENcheck – This interactive Environmental Risk Management system is designed to assist clients in reducing risk and exposure by ensuring legal compliance, delivering staff training and establishing appropriate environmental policies and procedures.

Environmental Specialists and Engineers conduct a full walkthrough of the facility from rooftop to basement. It is designed to identify a property’s current compliancy position based on an environmental risk assessment. A website is designed for each property, based on the information found during a site-specific risk assessment by our consultant.

The system will provide you with the key to successful environmental management through the correct identification of risks and the setting up of procedures to eliminate or control those risks.

  1. Visit high risk tenants
  2. Ongoing annual review
  3. Analysis of statistical information
  4. Monthly updates of spreadsheets or graphs provided on request
  5. Site Remediation recommendations

Our philosophy is based on our commitment to provide environmental risk management solutions for our clients.

Check out our factfile to learn more about ENcheck.