Hazmat Posted by RiskCheck January 27th, 2020

Hazmat Services


Hazmat Consulting Services at RiskCheck

Hazardous Materials assessments should be undertaken to manage liability and risk to the property and occupants. The Hazardous Materials group at RiskCheck is here to help clients ensure legislative compliance surrounding hazardous building materials. Our goal is to manage risk by identifying and managing hazardous substances, and to help you navigate the legislative or any certification requirements effortlessly.



  • Assessment for regulatory compliance, repair & renovation activities
  • Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)
  • Asbestos Reassessment
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Abatement Consulting Services
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

Designated Substance
Surveys/ Hazardous Building
Materials Assessment

  • Assessment for BOMA BEST
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Repair & renovation activities
  • Abatement Consulting Services

Renovation & Demolition Consulting

  • Pre-Renovation or Demolition Designated Substance Survey
  • Peer Review of Previous Hazmat Assessments
  • Preparing Abatement Specifications and Detailed Scope of Work (including asbestos, lead, mould, etc.)
  • Project Tendering and Contractor Management
  • Onsite Contractor Oversight and Operational Guidance
  • Site Inspection and Air Monitoring


  • Assessment, Including Sampling of Paint
  • Abatement Consulting Services
  • Drinking Water Testing
  • Air Monitoring Services


  • Assessment, Investigation and Project Delineation
  • Sampling for mould (bulk, surface, air (viable & non-viable))
  • Mould Awarness Training
  • Mould Management Plan
  • Abatement Consulting Services
  • Bacteria and Sewage Sampling

Indoor Air Quality

  • Standard IAQ Assessments (Measurement of Comfort Parameters such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity)
  • Enhanced IAQ Assessments (aerosols particulate and volatile organic compounds)
  • Post Fire or Water Loss IAQ Assessments
  • LEED Indoor Environmental Quality Performance

Building Certification Requirements

  • BOMA BEST 3.0: Radon risk Assessment
  • BOMA BEST Practice 7: Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Plan
  • BOMA BEST Practice 9: Hazardous Building Materials Management Program
  • BOMA BEST Practice 10: Hazardous Chemical Products Management Program
  • LEED Refrigerant Management
  • LEED Indoor Environmental Quality Performance


  • Measurement Sampling
  • LEED & BOMA Best Requirements
  • Development of Radon Management Programs
  • Technicians certified by Canadian – National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP)

Online Training

  • Asbestos Awareness (in house and Online)
  • Mould Awareness (in house and Online)
  • Confined Space Awareness Training
  • Ladder Safety
  • WHMIS Hazards
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Why Choose RiskCheck?


We assess your building to identify hazardous building materials that may affect the health and safety of any occupants, contractors, the environment, financing, resale or redevelopment.


Our team provides ongoing support to explain any findings or recommendations for your property and address your questions or concerns.


We are committed to providing you with competitive pricing and a final report that is easy to understand and meets legislative, management, and building certification requirements.