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A note on the ongoing situation in Fort McMurray:

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the devastation in Fort McMurray. It was a difficult weekend for the firefighting team and while the fires rage on, our hearts go out to the residents, evacuees, first responders and displaced people in the surrounding areas.

While it will take years to recover from the trauma, and possibly months still to fully control the fire, we extend our support to the residents of the area and the emergency response team  through  the Canadian Red Cross .


The RiskCheck Team



Bill 119 – What You Need To Know

After January 1, 2013, Bill 119 makes insurance coverage mandatory for certain categories of persons operating in the construction industry. Independent operators, sole proprietors, partners in a partnership or executive officers will be required to register with the WSIB within ten days of occupying one of these categories. more

Contractor sentenced to 60 days in jail for safety infractions

A demolition contractor who repeatedly exposed unprotected employees to deadly asbestos has been sent to prison for 60 days. more

Ontario Amends the Occupational Health and Safety Act

In 2011 the Ontario government accepted most of the recommendations of the Dean Report to address short-comings in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. more

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Ontario Regulation 429/07

The Ontario government introduced legislation back in 2007 to address accessibility of goods and services for those with disabilities.. more

Ontario amends the current Certificate of Approval process

As of October 31, 2011 Ontario amended its Certificate of Approvals process and developed a new dual approach that they hope will streamline the entire process.more

MOL looking at access equipment in August blitz

In August, the Ministry of Labour (MOL) will conduct a safety blitz on all types of access equipment used throughout the construction industry in Ontario. more

Explosion at Ottawa high school kills student

An eighteen year old student was fatally injured and 5 others were taken to hospital when
a steel oil drum that was being cut into to make a barbeque exploded in their shop class. more

To read more about other incidents involving steel drums and safety precautions click here.

Ceiling collapses at school

A quick-thinking teacher in Etobicoke may have saved her students from serious injury when
she ushered them out of a gymnasium minutes before the ceiling collapsed. more

3 Charged in Scaffold Deaths

Metron’s president and two of its employees will face the stiffest criminal charges in
Ontario history for a workplace tragedy following the collapse of a platform that plummeted
four workers to their deaths… more

Charges laid in scaffolding accident that killed 4 workers

Charges carrying fines of up to $17,000,000 have been laid against two companies that ran
and supplied a platform that collapsed in Etobicoke on Christmas Eve… more

Nova Scotia Power offers business energy rebates

Nova Scotia Power initiates rebate and incentive program for a number of building materials
including: lighting, motors and VFDs, refrigeration, compressed air equipment, and other
HVAC products. For more information on the program, please click more

Ontario’s New Violence in the Workplace Legislation

Ontario’s violence in the workplace legislation will come into effect June 15, 2010. For more information please click more

Ontario’s New Designated Substances Regulation

Ontario has just recently created a new designated subtances regulation that consolidates …more

McGuinty Government Working to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders

The McGuinty government is committed to preventing musculoskeletal disorders … more

Ontario’s Brownsfields Regulation – O. Reg. 153/04 has been Amended

On December 29, 2009, the Ontario government made changes to its brownfields … more

Public consultation leads to improved worksite safety rules – April 17, 2009

Edmonton… The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Code has been updated
to keep workplace health and safety rules current and relevant. Alberta employers have
until July 1 to comply with the updates… more

Ontario Cell Phone Ban – April 1, 2009

The Ontario legislature yesterday passed Bill 118 – Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting
Green Transportation Act, 2009… more