pre_picThe Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment is a thorough physical conditions inspection and documentation review that is conducted well in advance of the purchase of a property. On behalf of the prospective buyer, RiskCheck will identify potential risks and contraventions, and health, safety and environmental deficiencies. The comprehensive Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment report details recommended corrective actions that may be addressed BEFORE completion of the business transaction. Alternatively, the estimated costs provided in the cost summary may be put on the table during purchase negotiations.

The turnaround time for such an assessment – from clients’ approval of the proposal to report delivery – is normally less than two weeks, so as to not delay proceedings.

enviropic3In addition, clients of RiskCheck’s interactive risk management systems may realize additional savings and efficiencies; as upon acquisition of the property an interactive site may be launched based on the due diligence information and findings from the Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment usually without further visits to the subject property.

The Pre-Acquisition Risk Assessment is a vital service to organizations looking to increase their holdings and reduce exposure to potential liability in the areas of health, safety & environment.