Risk Management

RiskCheck Management Systems: How They Work

random1RiskCheck provides Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Risk Management Services. We provide our clients with key elements that facilitate successful EHS management by correctly identifying, managing, and monitoring risks, and helping to establish the procedures to eliminate or control hazards.

  • We are able to provide our clients with site-specific, ‘real time’, web-based solutions from a choice of seven modules: environmental, health & safety, asbestos, schools, industrial, retail and residential.
  • An important feature of the RiskCheck system is the offsite monitoring, which enables the user to manage Environmental, Health & Safety risks conveniently and efficiently. The system continues to monitor these risks by providing a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reminder of all the procedures and deficiencies that need to be corrected. If any such risks are missed, the personalized interactive site will automatically remind the user that the site is ‘Non-Compliant’. Our friendly and knowledgeable Technical Support staff is a phone call or e-mail away and are available to answer your questions on a daily basis.
  • Monthly gap-analyses are available to senior management.
  • RiskCheck’s support mechanism ensures our Clients receive a prompt response for any issues
    they raise.
  • The clients receive legislation updates, a quarterly newsletter, and regular contact from their assigned RiskCheck consultant and support team member to discuss any issues which may require attention.
  • Technical Support is a direct e-mail link available on the website, which is a helpline providing advice on environmental, health & safety issues.