Sustainability Posted by RiskCheck January 24th, 2020

Sustainability Management

GreenCheck is an industry-leading sustainability benchmarking and energy management service that empowers property managers to achieve their facility’s optimal performance.

With hundreds of properties using the program, GreenCheck has become a trusted name in the industry.

What Greencheck
can do for you

Powerful Software + Human Approach

Not just software, GreenCheck’s powerful platform is complemented by our team of dedicated Sustainability Experts.

We understand that each client has unique needs and we personalize the services we provide based on what matters to you.

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Energy Star Portfolio Manager Integration

GreenCheck’s platform is fully integrated with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager tool.

This ensures that your data can be seamlessly synced with our system to provide you with a complete building Sustainability Performance Dashboard with key visualization capabilities.

Customized Portfolio Analytics and Reporting

Our team of experts provides assistance with sustainability management planning and in-depth portfolio reporting on quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Client programs are customized based on individual needs, and our detailed analysis establishes benchmarks with quantifiable results at a level of intensity that works for each client.

Building Certification Consulting

GreenCheck provides detailed building certification consulting for BOMA BEST and LEED for Existing Building: Operations + Maintenance by qualified LEED Accredited Professionals.

Once certified, our LEED EB: O&M and BOMA Maintenance tools puts the certification back in the property’s hands, which significantly reduces re-certification costs but still provides the necessary monitoring and assistance.

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Building-Level Audits

Our team of Sustainability Experts can conduct an on-site assessment of your facility to determine what energy, water, and waste management upgrades are applicable

We will also provide you with a final report and estimate of the consumption and cost savings, as well as a recommendations report to improve energy conservation and/or waste diversion at your facility.

Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking

Ontario recently implemented benchmarking regulation (Ontario Regulation 20/17) aimed at empowering property owners with the information required to transform and enhance their building’s sustainability performance.

Properties larger than 100,000 ft2 may be requested to have their data verified by accredited professionals prior to submission.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis & Reporting

Measuring your carbon footprint is becoming increasingly important as the first step towards developing a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy

GreenCheck can analyze and report on your organization’s CO2 emissions to empower you with the information you need to determine baselines and corrective measures

Energy Incentive Application Support

We know that filling Energy Incentive and Rebate applications can be a daunting task!

GreenCheck can help you identify the most suitable incentive stream to pursue, and fill out and submit the application to your utility on your behalf

Utility Billing Analysis

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Utility costs are a manageable expense and our team can provide you with detailed monthly reports on your energy and water usage, as well as your waste production (or diversion).

We can also help you set reduction targets and include them in your monthly reports so that you’re always in the know on your progress towards your Sustainability Goals!


GreenCheck can assist you in compiling the documentation and information required to complete your GRESB submissions

Our platform can also host your GRESB-related data for reference to make your future submissions a breeze