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Changes to required EWRB Reporting

The Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking Regulation (O. Reg 506/18) came into effect in February 2017, and required owners of commercial, multi-unit residential, institutional or industrial buildings over 100,000 square feet to report on their building’s energy and water usage annually. The reporting deadline is July 1st of each year. As of 2023 however, the square footage requirement is dropping down to 50,000 square feet. If a building is over 100,000 square feet, the data must be verified by a certified professional.

Reporting on water and energy usage can offer many benefits, outside of simply being compliant with Ontario Regulations. Energy and water usage can represent some of the largest operating costs in a building; tracking usage can help save month??? and aid in identifying energy and water efficiency opportunities. This also gives the building the opportunity to compare usage to similar buildings, to ensure the building is not lagging in performance.

Globally, buildings account for 40% of energy consumption; working to reduce usage has lasting impacts, including reducing GHG emissions on site. GreenCheck can help you identify energy and water saving opportunities within your portfolio, as well as determine if your building would be a good candidate for any green building certifications.

If you have any questions regarding buildings in your portfolio and EWRB reporting, reach out to our team of experts at GreenCheck!

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