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Earth Day 2020

Happy Earth Day!

Each year for Earth Day, the RiskCheck Team participates in community environmental events such as neighbourhood clean ups and tree planting. This year, although the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled community events, there are still other ways to celebrate and participate in Earth Day activities. The Earth Day Canada website has some great resources, including environmental actions we can take from home on Earth Day and every day. We hope you’ll take a look and join us in celebrating Earth Day 2020, even though it’s sure to be different than we thought it would be this year.

At RiskCheck, in addition to helping our clients manage their environmental impact, we aim to promote environmentally sustainable practices in our operations as part of our BOMA BEST Sustainable Workplaces certification, available through GreenCheck. These include initiatives such as providing additional waste collection streams to improve diversion, conducting annual waste audits to identify areas for improvement, promoting sustainable transportation options, and undertaking employee awareness campaigns and lunch and learns on environmental issues.

We hope you have a great day, and that you take some time to step outside and appreciate our beautiful planet today!

Additional Earth Day Resources:,,