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Canada’s Leading Environmental Health & Safety Risk Management Company Compliance Auditing

Helping businesses navigate the complexities of EHS compliance since 1999.

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No Matter Your Business, RiskCheck’s Environmental Health & Safety Compliance Audit Service is the Solution You Need

We help you create a safer, more sustainable world.

We audit your building systems and work practices to make sure you’re compliant with all EHS regulations across Canada. Track your finding from start to completion on our software. Ensure ongoing compliance by linking your personnel into our interactive compliance calendar software. Stay abreast of regulations with our quarterly regulatory updates and specialized e-blast newsletters. Satisfy your ISO 45001, ISO 18001, and ISO 14001 need for “legal and other” 3rd party “compliance audit” needs with our specialized audits.

Need help with your program or procedure creation or updates? We have the expertise to update or tailor your EHS documents to current regulatory standards.

What makes RiskCheck different?

We audit your fire safety, building maintenance, physical conditions, and safety practices. We identify any environmental risks that you may have. We facilitate complete compliance to all current regulations. We also point out any structural integrity issues. Our environmental audits provide assurance to the Phase I standard on an ongoing basis to reduce your environmental risks. We provide EHS trends and benchmarking against other similar-sized companies in your line of business.


We assess, plan, and work with you to make sure you’re compliant, from start to finish.


We designed and coded proprietary compliance software specifically to give you a dynamic solution, making sure you know WHAT YOU NEED TO DO and HOW TO DO IT.


Our unique approach to compliance training makes your life easier.

Let us show you how
environmental health and safety compliance platform

The RiskCheck Connect

With our environmental health and safety compliance platform, we support you every single step of your journey and stay with you until you’re fully compliant.

Stop the EHS overwhelm. You need a simple way to be sure your company is helping protect your people, your assets, and your environment.

That’s why we created our RiskCheck Connect.

RiskCheck works with you to create a start-to-finish plan.

When you partner with RiskCheck, you work with experienced, professional consultants who know the unique nuances of Environmental Health & Safety. Our people lead you step-by-step through the entire process, creating plans that work for you.

risk management system

Our 5-Step Approach to EHS Compliance

We’ll send our team of experts to perform EHS audits that will assess your location, assets, and building safety. We’ll compare your company’s current health and safety measures to your industry’s compliance legislation and develop a complete gap analysis.

Our gap analysis will outline areas where you’re compliant and where you need to improve to meet the criteria required by local, provincial, and national legislation.

You have access to our proprietary risk management software that we use to develop a comprehensive roadmap to take you from your current state to a position of full compliance. We will benchmark your EHS compliance standards both internally and externally and provide you with a comprehensive data analysis. Your plan is 100% customized to you, so you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

We are on-call to give you and your team ongoing support as you work towards your goal of full EHS compliance. We’ll help you navigate legislation to protect your employees, stakeholders, and visitors. We keep you informed and aware of new requirements by providing quarterly regulatory updates and informative e-blasts on specialized topics to ensure all clients have the information they need to stay on top of changing regulations.

Legislation changes, and so does your company. We don’t abandon you to wade through the changes that may come. We offer EHS monitoring and return annually to complete environmental assessments and provide recommendations for continued improvements – for compliance and peace of mind.

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Areas of Audit

RiskCheck’s consulting and auditing services thoroughly assess your building and property for environmental risks and building safety. We will assess your:

  • Building systems compliance
  • Fire codes
  • Building codes
  • Municipal codes
  • Electrical safety codes
  • Any other codes required by your province, municipality, or jurisdiction
  • We will also check for structural integrity issues.

Our Services

We make safety programs more effective and efficient while saving you time and money. We’re ready for your call! Contact us today for a no-obligation demo of our software and an honest discussion of your needs.

RiskCheck Connect – Our Proprietary Online EHS Platform

Once you know what you need to do, you need a system to manage it. RiskCheck Connect has you covered.

Modern Design

RiskCheck Connect is our custom-designed, interactive EHS system that’s unlike any other program on the market.

Notification Alerts

RiskCheck Connect keeps you in control and alerts you to changes in compliance laws and legislation.

recheck online ehs platform
customized dashboard

RiskCheck Connects Benefits and Features

Custom Dashboard

Our dashboard allows your EHS project manager to see your project at all levels, from a high-level view to the critical details of your plan.

Key Features of the Platform

  • Automatic client notifications
  • Portfolio view
  • Document housing and management
  • Tracking spreadsheets
  • Incident reporting
  • Customized approval workflows
  • Client-level notifications
  • Energy Star integration
  • Online health and safety training

Plus, we include secure, local hosting, single sign-on options, email distribution lists, and more.

Our platform is built by us, allowing us to customize your experience perfectly for your needs.

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