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We make safety programs more effective and efficient while saving you time and money. We’re passionate about helping people like you create healthy living, learning, and working spaces.

Whatever you need to create safer workplaces, residential buildings, worksites, or schools, we deliver — from start to finish.

Our Environmental and Sustainability teams are ready to pivot and adjust to meet the specific needs of your company.



Assessed over 207 million square feet of building space


Works with companies coast-to-coast


Industry experts across multiple sectors

industrial risk solutions

Industrial Solutions

The many moving pieces of industrial complexes result in more opportunities for dangerous situations.

Industrial centers have a broad set of compliance standards to uphold that can be overwhelming for managers to understand and even more complicated to implement. The implications of not actively seeking Health and Safety compliance can be wasteful, harmful, and even catastrophic.

Whatever your industry, whether you manage a factory, shipping center, or processing facility our specialized team can assess your risk compliance.

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industrial risk check

Office Management Solutions

You care about your employees, and we do, too.

Office buildings, no matter the size, require ongoing risk management to maintain the safety and security of everyone who enters your building. Older office structures drain resources, overuse energy, create unnecessary waste, and potentially pose dangerous situations to employees. Multi site companies may require several separate processes to minimize risk and make sure employees are safe.

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residential solutions

Residential Solutions

Where people live — is there anything more important than safety?

If you build or manage residential living spaces, we know you want the peace of mind that comes from prioritizing the safety of your residents. Risk compliance is only the beginning. Fire plans, confined space assessments, energy use assessments, mould testing, and many other environmental health and safety compliance assessments are necessary to minimize health and safety risks and protect the people in your care.

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school solutions

School Solutions

Both new and ageing school buildings require regular compliance assessments.

Within the education sector, risk compliance standards frequently change, especially in the wake of COVID-19. We help you see gaps in your current safety plans, including fire safety, violence and harassment assessments, confined space assessments, and a complete health and safety program assessment.

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retail solutions

Retail Solutions

Retail environments require regular assessments.

Both retail and restaurant environments require specific health and safety training which is often under-administered, leaving employees feeling ill-prepared should safety issues arise. Retail and restaurant environments may need particular policies and procedures developed and implemented based on industry legislation.

We can create health and safety guidebooks and training for your company based on your industry’s specific requirements.

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Real solutions for real people.

We know your business is unique.

We adapt and customize our systems to your company’s preferences, retro-fitting our approach to meet your needs.

What makes riskcheck different?


We assess, plan, and work with you to make sure you’re compliant, from start to finish.


We designed and coded proprietary compliance software specifically to give you a dynamic solution, making sure you know WHAT YOU NEED TO DO and HOW TO DO IT.


Our unique approach to compliance training makes your life easier.

Lost and Overwhelmed?

We’re here for you.

With our environmental health and safety compliance platform, we support you every single step of your journey and stay with you until you’re fully compliant.

At RiskCheck, we know the overwhelming and confusing burden business owners and managers carry when faced with compliance issues. You want to know your company is helping protect your people, your assets, and your environment.

That’s why we created our RiskCheck Connect.

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The RiskCheck Connect

RiskCheck works with you to create a start-to-finish plan.

meet our goals

Our team thoroughly reports our findings with standard industry comparisons that allow you to create your company goals.

Using our software, you’ll have access to a dashboard that reports a detailed plan for meeting your goals with benchmarks that you can control.

RiskCheck Connect – Our Proprietary Software

Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Platform

Our interactive, custom-designed software is unlike any other program on the market.

RiskCheck Connect keeps you in control and alerts you to changes in compliance laws and legislation.

Book a demo to learn more about our system. We promise you’ll find there’s nothing like it on the market.

customized platform ehs

If you need to save:

Time, Money, or Energy

our system is what you need.

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