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Your Sustainability Management Solution

Empowering property managers with a fully customizable online system to help achieve their portfolio’s sustainability objectives.

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Discover Your Company’s Potential to Accelerate Sales While Reducing Environmental Risk and Creating Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is more than a buzzword. Assessing the sustainability performance of your daily operations has a long-lasting impact on your people, your community, and your bottom line.

Let RiskCheck help you assess your sustainability and ESG programs, energy and water use, carbon footprint, and environmental impact.


GreenCheck is RiskCheck’s industry-leading sustainability performance benchmarking and energy management service that empowers companies to reach and maintain their optimal sustainability goals.

With hundreds of properties already enrolled, our GreenCheck program and powerful online data management platform has become a trusted name in the industry.

What GreenCheck Can Do For You

GreenCheck blends our powerful software, RiskCheck Connect, with an unmatched human approach. Our team of dedicated sustainability experts understand that you have unique needs. Our Environmental and Sustainability teams are ready to pivot and adjust to meet the specific needs of your company.


Does it Matter? Yes.

61% - Consumers* that limited their use of single-use plastic

30% - Consumers* that chose brands that have ethical practices & values

39% - Consumers* that reduced the number of new products they buy

34% - Consumers* that chose brands that have environmentally sustainable practices & values

28% - Consumers* that stopped purchasing from brands because of concerns with their ethical or sustainability practices

83% - Consumers** that factor environmental impact into their purchases.

78% - Consumers** that say they want the companies they buy from to help them make purchasing decisions that improve environmental outcomes

*UK consumers according to a 2021 survey conducted by Deloitte
**US consumers according to a 2020 survey conducted by The Kearney

Successful Green Certifications, Incentives and Rebates

In pursuit of building performance certification, ESG data analytics, tracking, and reporting? Let us walk you through the process and help you prepare for the assessments. We have successfully helped hundreds of companies navigate:

  • LEED Certification
  • Fitwel Certification
  • BOMA BEST Certification
  • GRESB Submissions
  • Energy Incentives and Rebates

We also help Ontario properties complete their annual Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking obligations. (EWRB ).

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Is Your Company Meeting the Market Demands for Sustainability?

Green initiatives are vital to the longevity of modern businesses.

Business executives and consumers agree:

Companies should be concerned with their impact on the environment. If you need assistance incorporating sustainability into your business strategies, RiskCheck can help.

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Three Pathways to Improving Sustainability in the Workplace

When you partner with RiskCheck, we assess and create benchmarks to help you improve your sustainability efforts in three distinct pathways for your company.

By integrating better sustainability practices into your systems and governance practices, you’ll ensure you’re capturing opportunities and avoiding risks related to vital sustainability issues. Our priority is to help you keep track of all of your sustainability metrics and provide you with meaningful and actionable information through our reporting services.

Addressing and creating a robust sustainability program inside the four walls of your organization does more than just check off a box. Our assessment will clearly outline how improving your company’s internal sustainability program can cut costs of daily operations, reduce water and energy consumption, lower your carbon footprint, and reduce waste of supplies and other resources.

The products and services you provide are assets that have a particular value to the consumer — a value that is increased when you focus your efforts on offering more sustainable options to the public.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, searching for companies that focus on health, environmental impact, and sustainable operating practices. Your sustainability and ESG plan can be clearly communicated to your customers, who are searching for products that are ethically sourced and ecologically responsible.

Your company may not offer a service that is available globally, but we all have a responsibility to care for our planet and for humankind. These sustainability efforts allow even a local organization to find its place in the universal campaign to create a healthier, cleaner planet.

Consumers search out companies who are invested in practices that provide opportunities for fair treatment of workers, charitability, give-back programs, and carbon footprint reduction. Your customers care about how you treat the planet and the people who live here.

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Environmental Risks

RiskCheck deploys our specialized sustainability team to assess the ways your company can lower its environmental footprint. These include measuring and analyzing:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy, waste and water consumption
  • Options for renewable and sustainable energy sources
  • Waste generation
  • Equipment usage and maintenance

Understanding your company’s environmental risks will allow you to make immediate changes that are economically and environmentally responsible while being mindful of ways to implement ambitious sustainability efforts in the future.

How Can RiskCheck Help With Your Sustainability Plan?

RiskCheck Connect – Our Proprietary Software

We assess, plan, and work with you to make sure you’re compliant — from start to finish — with customized portfolio data analytics and reporting.

Modern Design

We designed and coded proprietary sustainability software specifically to give you a dynamic solution, making sure you know WHAT YOU NEED TO DO and HOW TO DO IT. Our interactive, custom-designed software is unlike any other program on the market.

Simple Goals

With our unique data management software, management of your sustainability goals is simplified, making your life easier.

proprietary sustainability software
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Integrated With Energy Star

RiskCheck Connect fully integrates with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager platform to ensure your data can be seamlessly synced with our system. We provide you with a complete Sustainability Performance Dashboard that allows you to visualize your portfolio’s sustainability performance over time in order to determine how closely you’re meeting your energy, water, waste generation, and carbon footprint reduction goals.

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Your Sustainability Journey Starts Here!

We leverage data, technology, and expertise to provide our partners with the tools and services to track their performance and meet key environmental goals. Get in touch and let’s get started today.

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