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World Water Week 2019


World Water Week

World Water Week is an annual focal point for the globe’s water issues, running from 25-30 August, 2019. Its aim this year is to address the theme “Water for society – Including all”.

The 2019 World Water Week addresses the basic objective of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to secure inclusive and sustainable development for all people in all countries. The UN is focussing on “no-one left behind” as the theme for 2019.

Water security underlies human and environmental security; access to and use of water in adequate quantity and quality are fundamental to survival and prosperity. Water has a critically important role in reducing poverty and hunger and driving sustainable development. This calls for a human-rights based approach, ensuring clean and affordable water and sanitation for all.

You can read more on the topic of World Water Week’s thematic scope HERE.

During the week, we will be providing you with facts and conservation tips of the day to make you more aware of water usage and sanitation issues worldwide and what you can do to help tackle these issues and do your part during World Water Week and beyond. Follow along on Facebook and LinkedIn to make sure you get all of our World Water Week content!


With the existing climate change scenario, by 2030, water scarcity in some arid and semi-arid places will displace between 24 million and 700 million people.



Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and save up to 4 gallons a minute. That’s up to 200 gallons a week for a family of four.

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