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Ugly Sweaters for Energy Savings!

RiskCheck and ContractorCheck are proud to participate in Epic’s SustainOlympics program, 2020!

Ugly Sweater Day is today, February 6th. This event will be held at Epic properties across Canada to promote February’s theme of Energy Savings Through Heating. It’s a great opportunity to show off your favourite ugly sweater, proving to co-workers that we can all layer up instead of cranking up that thermostat.

RiskCheck/ContractorCheck will be offering a prize for the best ugly sweater and sharing those photos on our social pages, so keep an eye out for shots of our team in some ugly sweaters…remember, it’s for a good cause!

Some additional tips on saving energy through heating (both at home and the office) include:

  • Wear several layers to the office to be able to adjust to the temperature on your own terms, especially in colder weather
  • If the temperature needs to be adjusted in the office, please contact property management who can make adjustments in an energy efficient way
  • At home, close off vents and shut doors to empty rooms to avoid heating un-used space
  • Make sure vents are clean and unobstructed by carpets or furniture
  • Check fan filters regularly, and replace as needed, to ensure that air flow is being maximized
  • Use caulking or weather stripping to seal gaps on doors or windows that let heated air escape
  • Install a programmable thermostat to avoid costly manual adjustments. Aim for 22°C in the day (when you’re home) and 18°C overnight (or when you’re not home)

For more information on ways to make your company more sustainable, please visit our GreenCheck page.