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Confined Spaces

  Under Regulation 632/05–Confined Spaces
A confined space is defined as a place:
  • that is partially or fully enclosed
  • that is not both designed and constructed for continuous human occupancy
  • where atmospheric hazards may occur because of its construction, location, or contents, or because of work that is done in it.
The main elements required by the regulation include:
Hazard Assessment:
  • Includes having a person with adequate knowledge, training and experience identify and evaluate every confined space to determine whether it is possible to eliminate the atmospheric hazard completely and to provide a confined space inventory.
Confined Space Program:
  • This includes the development and maintenance (includes updating program) of a written confined space program meeting the requirements of the regulation and must be completed prior to any worker entering a confined space.
  • Once a program is in place, the employer must provide training to employees who enter a confined space or who perform related work.
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