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Introducing CannaCheck – Compliance Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Introducing CannaCheck


It is fair to say that over the last year, cannabis has dominated news headlines since it became legal across Canada, and the cannabis industry has been evolving at an unprecedented pace. Supported by significant investments, Licensed Producers (LP’s) have built and expanded their facilities across the country to meet the high demand of Canadians – and the pace of growth does not appear to show many signs of slowing down! 

What cannot be lost in the fast-paced growth of the industry is the importance of compliance at both provincial and federal levels.  Often shortcuts are taken and issues of worker/facilty health and safety or sustainability are overlooked. Maintaining and meeting the standards and regulations of this industry will be key to its success and longevity.   


That is why we are happy to announce a new addition to the RiskCheck portfolio:



By leveraging our 20+ years of risk management expertise and proven systems, this new division will be focused on creating tailored solutions to cannabis companies to support and guide them to achieve the highest levels of compliance standards across the board. 

We are excited to enter this industry and get to work! We will do everything we can to ensure that we help our clients set themselves up for success. We want to have a strong and positive impact on the industry and help companies flourish and grow, while maintaining compliance and sustainability.  


Stay tuned: our CannaCheck website will be launching soon with more details about our program! 

Check out this article from the Financial Post on what happens when Cannabis companies are found to be non-compliant.